Yoshua Daely

Consultant, Hotelier, and Travel Planner in Bali, Indonesia

I am a professional hotelier as well as travel planner who live in Bali island. Promote Bali Holiday Destination as part of leisure and business solution. Bali Island is one of the best holiday destinations in our modern world of tourism.

Here are some digital images as an introductory information for you. At the same time, I would be more than happy to invite you and your friends to experience your BALI HOLIDAY at ANY BUDGET.

ENJOY your stay at eco-resort with free choice of daily programs to SEE the beauty of Bali. FEEL hospitality warm welcome from the time of arrival to departure date. EXPLORE the island with comfortable land transport and friendly staff.

Book your BALI HOLIDAY instantly.

First serve when you come first.

As a General Manager of Pita Maha Resort Group, Yoshua is developing and operating the premier luxury accommodation in Ubud, Bali. During many years, spread one important message to its clients: "The worldwide known hospitality in Ubud represents an authentic Balinese flavour". And, "it even revals the best International luxury hotel chains". His commitment to staff and guest alike, ensure that luxury properties set the benchmark, being head and shoulders above their competitors.
Richard Rosebery I Managing Director I Select Hotels I Australia
Yoshua is one of the best person I have encountered in the tourism industry in Bali and beyond. Being asked, he is extremely personal in his approach to every task. I like his attention to detail and his taking the extra step. Ensuring your experience with him is therefore beyond 5 stars. He goes the extra mile just to get a very positive experience. The property he is managing is simply stellar. Thank you, Yoshua! Keep up Your good work!
Arvind Mohindra I Entrepreneur I INDIA
It is great to be part of Yoshua's network. In business of trust, it is always a pleasure to be associated with a consummate professional. And even more, if it is of that highly skilled caliber! Therefore, I highly recommend him to all others. Thank you so much.
Steven Burda I Senior Financial Analyst I PECO I USA
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