Yoshua Daely

Director, Hotelier, and Travel Planner in Bali, Indonesia

Warm greetings from Bali Island.

I am Yoshua currently working as a director of hotel, as well as a travel service. Living in Bali: promoting Bali Holiday Destination as part of leisure and/or business solutions... that's why, people say:

"Bali Island is one of the best holiday destinations in our modern world of tourism".

Here are some photos as a basic information for you. Please click it to get impressed by any of the photos here.

Experience your BALI HOLIDAY at ANY BUDGET.

Choose the best package for you:


A: You are all my special guests. Enjoy warm hospitality from the moment of arrival up to your departure date. Choose free your daily programs to see the beauty of Bali. Relax and explore the island with your private car, friendly driver and an expert tour guide.

Feel the spirit of local art. Experience the local culture. Let us save the world together.

Your accommodation at a 3 stars resort. Including breakfast, lunch, a round airport transfer and one day tour. Package price: USD 78 per person and day.

B: Your accommodation at 4 stars resort. Package price: USD 98 per person and day. Other services are remain the same as package A.

C : Your accommodation at 5 stars resort. Package price: USD 148 per person and day. Other services are remain the same as package A.

Very easy. Choose one. Let me book it for you.


Feel free to design your own Bali Holiday activities as well as set up your own budget.

It is simple. Just send a message to me and let me help you.


Enjoy your Bali Holiday at your Vacation Home with no extra accommodation cost for you. At the same time, receive your sustain monthly rent income regularly.

Invest on your Second Home without spending any of your own money.

Please contact me. Send me an email. Let me provide you a best solution.

First serve when you come first.

Yoshua is one of the best person I have encountered in the tourism industry in Bali and beyond. Being asked, he is extremely personal in his approach to every task. I like his attention to detail and his taking the extra step. Ensuring your experience with him is therefore beyond 5 stars. He goes the extra mile just to get a very positive experience. The property he is managing is simply stellar. Thank you, Yoshua! Keep up Your good work!
Arvind Mohindra I Entrepreneur I India
It is a pleasure to write a short review about Yoshua's Insiders' tips on Indonesia's unique cultural center: Bali Island. Knowing Yoshua for more than a decade, he is working daily so hard and smart to provide special arrangement for any tourists on the island. I can strongly recommend and imagine very well further trips with him to find exposed places to practice yoga, explore the last adventures and/or search for hidden areas to celebrate or enjoy the personal honeymoon trip.
Ulrich H Kiefer I Entrepreneur I Germany
As General Manager of Pita Maha Resorts Yoshua developed and operated the premier luxury accommodation in Bali – with both Pita Maha Resort and Royal Pita Maha Resort. Over many years Yoshua ensured that Ubud hospitality gained and maintained an authentic Balinese flavour that rivalled the best international luxury hotel chains. His commitment to staff and guests alike ensured that both luxury properties set the benchmark, being head and shoulders above their competitors.
Richard Rosebery I Managing Director I Select Hotels I Australia
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